Compromise Confessions

Life is full of compromises. We compromise every day. From little things like if I eat this, then I will workout more or I can work longer today to avoid working this weekend. I confess my life lately has been full of compromise.

I compromised working 2 minutes from home for a better career opportunity. I gave up easy, I know I can handle this work, for assignments that challenge me and force me to think critically. Gone is phone it in Friday, for the down to the minute edits to ensure a filing is perfect. Yes, I let the I can stay at this firm forever and not get fired and exert very little effort, job, for the fast-paced, use your brain and education I'm gifted with, career.

I confess I made a huge decision to jump out of my comfort zone and prove to myself that I can make it. Yes, there are days I think it would be so much easier to trot down the street, but then I get an email saying good job, or nice work, and I remember why I made this move. I choose busy over boredom, challenge over comfort, and opportunity. This is why I am a lawyer.
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