Oh Hey, Friday!

And with that people, its Friday. My week went by in a blur... like whoa nelly! So, link on up, but meanwhile, here are my 5 this Friday.

1. I'm engaged! In case you missed it, I will be going from Ms. to Mrs. again December 6, 2014! #winterwedding

2. New blog launch! Yeah, I have been kinda MIA, so new blog, new journey, its just all new around here.

3. Friends. I have the best. Between my CG small group, my BOFF, my "home" friends and all those in between hey Jenn & Jessica, I have been blessed and loved so much in the last month its amazing.

4. Work. This week has flown by at work. I have been consumed by fun litigation prep from jury charges to responses, etc... This is what I love about my job!

5. This guy. I mean I totes love him.

 Happy Friday ya'll! And stick around, there's more blogging to come.

LMWoh hey friday