I see you have found me again. So welcome to this new page of the interwebs. In case you're new, let me introduce myself.

I'm a 30 something lawyer, who is recently engaged. Oh did I mention that I also changed jobs in the last er month and half, got engaged, am planning and wedding for December and have just a few other things on my plate? Yeah no biggie.

Let's see, what else.... I have two pups whom I love to death and being a fur-mom is the absolute best! I am engaged to le fiance.... an aerospace engineer from Ohio, who became a southern transplant about 13 years ago. He is the best. But I know some of you are dying to hear the story....

So, last Friday I got a text from him saying he wanted to cook dinner. Well I was elated since I work 33 miles from home and commute between 50-70 minutes everyday. When I arrived home, he was cooking up a storm of scallops and risotto! There was s yummy salad full of all my favorite veggies. I was in heaven. After the meal he pulled out two pieces of the most divine chocolate fudge cake. I was stuffed and in heaven again. Then he said there was one more course. Yeah this is where I became excited. Yup, I was so antsy for what I thought was going to be the cheese course!

Well, I mean we had been in Napa the week before and I engorged myself on cheese. Nope, no cheese for me, it was the down on one knee, saying the sweetest words ever, ring in hand course! Did I mention it was complete with the two pups flanking each side of him? Clearly I said yes...

LMWengagement, welcome