32 is My Year

32 yeas ago today I graced the earth with my presence. And 32, well its destined to be my hear. Wedding, baby, new job... ya know just a few cool things.

But first, let's recap the weekend. It was epic. Friday night we joined some friends to celebrate another birthday. It was also the first time we have seen all of le guy's friends since we made the big #babywinter announcement. It was exciting and fun. I, of course, headed out early while le guy stayed out and enjoyed guy time.

Saturday was a little bit lazy, some work, and Neely's wedding!!!!  Ya'll, I had to break down and buy some preggo pants. Not maternity, but just some pants and dresses to wear to work. It was so sad so see a number I have not worn since circa 2006. But again, as le guy keeps telling me, you preggo... so alas I am comfy and cozy in some new digs. Oh, and did I mention the sale Banana had? 40% off? Add in my points rewards I had been hoarding and some gift cards and I spent a mere $96 on a lot of loot.

Then we headed off to Dallas to see Miss Neely get married. Ya'll, she was gorgeous. The scene was gorgeous and well it was just wonderful. I am so glad I got be a part of her special day and also see some of my bloggy friends. Bloggers just have more fun.

Sunday, we both worked in the morning and then headed to a wonderful event called Tacos & Taps, as part of the Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival. It was tacos galore and brews for the man. I can now say though, there is such a thing as too many tacos.

We ended the night with my bday present.... he is so good....

Yup, I was going to get it for myself as a new job present, but then between wedding and baby, I did not. He knows the way to my heart!

So, happy Monday ya'll!
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