Confessional Friday

It's Friday!! The sun is shining (well at least here), its set to be 90 degrees tomorrow for some Frog football and well I get to carve pumpkins tonight. So, now let's get to a little confess sesh.

  • I confess I could eat all the fruit in the world right now. Yes, all of it. Baby just wants something sweet and fruity.
  • I confess I now have to go unpack my shorts from the closet for tomorrow's game since someone decided its not quite fall here yet.
  • I confess sometimes I get total preggo worry and think something has happened to le baby and cry. Yup, just total freak out cry session.
  • I confess sometimes I get so caught up in work I look up and I realize its past lunch, which tells me I like what I'm doing or I would be ticking away the minutes to food.
  • I confess I am getting antsy about finding out what gender le baby is. I mean I just want to get a name picked out and buy something cute.
  • I confess I did not watch How to Get Away With Murder last night because I opted for sleep instead. I did DVR it.
  • I confess I want to hack all my hair off, but am waiting til post nuptials.
Have a fab weekend ya'll!
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