Return to Your Normal Routine

So I made it to Philly last night and have a wonderful dinner with some lawyers from our office here. I mean, scallops, chocolate sorbet, bread.... what is better? So, I finally snuggled into my comfy Ritz bed at er past 11. I was sound asleep in dreamland until 3:30 am. That is when the alarm went off.

No, not my alarm, the one from the hotel letting me know there was an emergency. It was the most awful, loud obtrusive alarm of my life. And it just kept repeating itself over and over again. So, I met my colleague in the stairwell, clad in pjs, no shoes, cell phone in hand. We made it down about 9 flights when we were informed it was ok, that a guest was smoking in his room. WTH? I wanted to find the man and murder him. Who does this? Twice no less, we found out!

So back up the stairs and into bed. Only to be awoken at 5:45 by another alarm. Yes, you heard me. Though this time, the staff of the hotel came over the speaker and told us it was false, it continued for 30 minutes! 30 minutes of someone telling me to return to my normal activities. I dunno, normal? 6am? sleep?

Needless to say, the am came way too early. Happy Hump Day to you all!
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