Thoughts on a Thursday: F-Bombs for Feminism

I listen to the same morning radio program everyday. I have actually listened to it since I was in elementary school. Its often just the thing that gets me from work to home. But today, they discussed a new public-service video that has come out regarding the unequal treatment of women in the workplace.

Here is the link to the video. Be aware, the video contains the F word being used by little girls.

The point of the video is to educate adults regarding the inequality of women in the workplace. But, what does it actually say to  you? Can you get past the excessive use of the F-bomb by little girls and hear the message? Do you think the message could have been just as easily spread without the use of the word?

The morning show I listened to had strong opinions because of the word usage. They discussed whether they would let their children see it. Well, no. Its not for kids people. Its meant for adults, to shock the adult conscience. I would not let my child watch the video, but I as an adult woman who has experienced unequal treatment in the workplace get it. The one fact that struck with me was that women who make all A's in college are paid the same amount as men who made C's. I experienced this firsthand. It makes me angry,

I am not sure how I feel about the video in general. I love the message and think its one that needs to be spread, but I am not sure this is the right way to do it. I applaud the makers for speaking up and out. I can, however, see the concern by others for the way the message is dealt with in this video. Do I think its male-bashing? No. Do I think its extreme-feminism? No.

I think its one take on an issue that has plagued women since the dawn of time,  What do you think?
LMWF-Bombs for Feminism