Weekend Review

Hello again Monday. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend because I did.

Saturday I was up early to get some much needed errands run, like oil change for the car, car wash, folding laundry, ya know the little things. Le guy had a ton of things to do as well. I also managed a nice little 2 mile run jog.

At about 12:30 we headed up to tailgate for an epic TCU/OSU match up. The weather was perfect! The team was on! And it was a big Frog win!! We are now the highest ranked team in Texas, thank you West Virginia for beating Baylor!

After the game someone had a hankering for Mexican (not me) so we headed to Mi Cocina and chowed down. Pretty sure I was in bed by 9:30.

Sunday le fiance had to work, so i headed to church and grocery shopping. I had not been to church in a while due to my schedule and working, so it was wonderful to see everyone and get the week started off right.

Sunday afternoon, we headed to one of my good friend's gender reveal. Bow-tie or Bow? Well, they will be having a precious baby boy! (which has mean convinced I'll be sprouting a baby girl). But we have more time to figure that out.

Sunday evening was coupled with a nice cowboy's win and me in bed asleep by 9:15. As someone said to me, its tough work growing a baby.
LMWTCU, weekend update