Widespread Panic

Today I need to rant. On Ebola. Yes, I live in the DFW area. Yes, I work in Dallas. Yes, two people who worked at a hospital where one man died from Ebola are now sick. No, I am not panicking!

Let's examine this people. One man has died from Ebola in the US. We are not in a third-world country where risk of total outbreak is inherent.  I agree there should have been no risk of contamination to any of the health professionals who treated Mr. Duncan, but these are the people who had the closest risk and they are the ones infected. Think about it. None of his family members are infected, none of the other people who were at the hospital the days he was there are infected. No, its the nurses who were close to Mr. Duncan who were infected. Let's stop panicking, blaming and freaking out in general.

Let's stop blaming the hospital who took in the man and treated him. They had never seen Ebola how would they know what to look for or how to treat him? How would they know the proper protocol when they had never dealt with this before. Yes, there were oversights and risks, but these people put their lives in jeopardy to treat another human being.

Ebola in the US is contained and under control. Should the second nurse been able to fly? Probably not, but the thing is, we have the ability in the US to locate and isolate those who had possible contact with the patient.

Let's stop panicking and think like rational people. And let's stop sensationalizing this. Let's stop the widespread panic.
LMWebola, news