So I never planned to get pregnant before I was married or get married while pregnant. I was trying to do things in the "correct" order. But then there was that fateful day when my doctor told me I was pregnant. I cried.

Yes you all I cried my eyes out. Not because I was scared, though I was, but because this was something I had wanted for so long. If you have been around these parts for a while or followed my blog before the change you know I was married before. And M and I tried to get pregnant. We did not avail. My body was against me. I was on chlomid and it just didn't work. I simply would not ovulate. Looking back now, I can see a small miracle at work. Shortly after round 5 of chlomid M and I were over. Do I blame the stress of trying, no. We were just not meant to be.

But, there I was 30 and convinced I would never have the one thing I wanted the most: a family.

Fast forward a year and half and there I was in my same doctor's office and he was telling me, after three tests, I was getting the greatest gift.

Sure there were pangs of oh no and what will people say. And the obligatory "knocked up" "shotgun wedding" smirks. But you know what? This is my life and this baby was made with the utmost love. Sure we fast-forwarded our timeline a tad, but the thing is, we are more in love and more in tune with each other now then ever.

So who is to say that doing things backwards is well, backwards. We are loved, in love and love this baby. And that folks is all I need.
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