Confessional Friday

Happy weekend everyone! Let's get to confessing!

I confess....

  • I am wearing maternity jeans to work. Yes, I can still "fit" into my regular ones with the help of a belly band, but man these are so much more comfortable. Sexy? eh....
  • I am finally getting a hair cut this weekend after too many months to count.
  • I know the sex of our baby and I am making you all wait another week!
  • Its one month until the wedding and I am only freaking out about my dress.
  • All I want to do tomorrow is sleep all day, but I have wedding to-dos, hair to-dos and TCU takes on K-State.
  • Everything I have on today is new!! Maternity jeans and top and cute booties from Sole Society! I know a photo would be nice, but that requires me to prepare in advance.
Happy Weekend ya'll!
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