Confessional Friday

It's Friday, its gender reveal day and well its freezing cold, but who cares! So let's get to confessing.

I confess....

  • I 80% know the gender of the baby, but wait til after 5:30 today and check facebook and instagram for the announcement. If not see ya back here Monday for the blog reveal.
  • I may never go back to normal jeans after maternity jeans.
  • Three weeks to the wedding!
  • Baby W likes Starbuck's cookies at 3pm during the day.
  • The next couple weeks will fly by since I am in Orlando next week for the firm retreat and then Turkey Day and then Wedding Day!!
  • I cannot decide if I want a wedding program. Thoughts?
  • I have no clue what jewelry I am going to wear for said wedding.
  • I wish we had eloped.
  • Puppies in sweaters are the best thing ever.
  • Scandel rocked my socks last night.
  • HTGAWM did not rock so much said socks from above.
  • Document review has grown on me.
  • I have the cutest gender reveal planned ever... it will be.... legendary!
Happy Friday ya'll!
LMWconfessional friday