Busy busy busy. My weekend was busy. Saturday began with visiting the wedding venue to do some layout and last minute table arranging etc... It was so cool to see the site set up for another wedding and just begin to get a feel for how the wedding will look.

Then it was off to the salon for a much-needed hair session. I have not seen my girl since July! July people. And let me tell you, nothing feels better than fresh color and a cut. I knew I wanted to keep my hair the same for the wedding, but  man it had been forever since I had trimmed those ends, and my preggo vitamins had caused quite some growth!

I am not fresh and fabulous and ready for the nuptials.

Then we headed out to the TCU/KSU game. We blacked out the stadium and it was awesome.

It was also our "Pink Out" game, hence the pink pom-poms. It was such a good game, and we came out victorious! I would also like to thank A&M for beating Auburn to help the Frogs out.

Sunday was just a hard day to do much. I woke up feeling less than stellar and just could not get to church. We opted to walk to get breakfast. My throat is just scratchy and my body just wants to sleep. I finally drug myself our for a short 2 mile run, then immediately plopped back down for nap. It was just all I could do to get myself to our first session of pre-marriage counseling.

I finally plopped back into bed about 10:30 and just was not ready for this morning. Here's to Monday!
LMWweekend update