Hello Fall

Nothing beats the feel of crisp air on a morning dog walk. Yes, it's the sign that fall has finally arrived in Texas.

So, of course I donned my leggings and over-sized sweater, and found a wonderful lifetime movie to surpass the time. And then the TCU game came on. Talk about a heart attack! I love my Horned Frogs, but man do we have to win like that? But hey, a W is a W, so on to Kansas State.

I do have to stop and pause today as well. Heaven has received an angel. My should-be sis grandfather Daddy C passed away last week. I attended the visitation yesterday and man it was hard. He was the best surrogate grandfather to everyone. He just adopted all of my friend's friends and it just worked. He lived a long and wonderful life and I know he is watching over all of his grandkids.

And I have no exciting Halloween news or pics. Yup, boring people over here. We had burgers to celebrate a friend's birthday and called it a night. But next year, its on with the cuteness of baby costumes.

I did manage to tie up some wedding loose ends like flowers and linens Saturday. I was in and out of both places in less than an hour. Yup, that's how you do wedding on a timeline. Walk in, tell them i need x number of x types of flowers in whatever you got in purple and be on your way! Call me crazy, but just do not see the need to him and haw over the perfect bouquet or boutonniere. Just not worth it to me. I'll him and haw over cake. lol.

So that's the weekend in a pictureless nutshell! Oh... and did I mention I had a sonogram Friday? Did I mention the nurse is 80% sure she knows what it is? Did I mention I am not telling until November 14th?

Happy November ya'll
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