Hump Day/Bump Day

Its my Friday of sorts today since I leave for Orlando and our firm retreat tomorrow. But today, its another day, another dollar, but lots of sunshine!

And its time for a little bump update.

ignore my work bathroom

How far along: 18 1/2 weeks!

Baby size: Sweet potato

Weight gain: 7-8 pounds, I think

Stretch marks: Nothing yet

Sleep: No. I cannot get comfortable for the life of me.

Gender: Girl. Evelyn Ray

Movement: Not unless you count digestion

Looking forward to: The wedding being over so I can move on to baby,

Food cravings: Not really hungry as of late. Although I feel the need to drink milk more these days.

What I miss: Real Clothes that fit.

Workouts: Still trying to get in 4 a week. I am not running on the treadmill anymore, just do not have the energy, but 30 minutes of elliptical or uphill walking followed my weight training.

Things that suck: Too big for regular clothes, not big enough for maternity clothes.... and trying to pack for a firmwide retreat that requires numerous outfit changes. I'm just in that awkward in-between stage. Also, tights. I love them, but man I had to get some maternity ones and just let them be big because my regs were cutting off my circulation.

Things that don't suck: Having a group of girlfriends pregnant with you all at the same time and having friends who have just been there. They are my rock, go-to and support.

LMWBump Day