I find this post ironic because about 15 minutes ago I was heck bent on venting and giving up on life. And then I stopped, said a sweet prayer and read some posts about how thankful everyone is. Ah, perspective.

As much as I wanted to rant and rave about the stresses of my life, I realized how blessed I truly am and how thankful I should be that I can even sit here and type this.

This year has been quite a ride to say the least. But I am ever thankful for:

My love, who I get to marry in 10 short days. Seriously love this man with all my heart.

The sweet baby bean growing inside my belly. Yes, little Evie, you are a blessing. I worry about you everyday and cannot wait to meet you. We are almost half way there!

My wonderful new job and co-workers. I kinda hit the work jackpot. I am challenged, respected, and supported everyday. Despite the drive that can get in the way every once in a while, the job makes it worth it.

My supportive friends. I would not be here without the love and support of those around me who constantly raise me up and remind me that He is good and He provides. Its truly takes a village to raise a child and I have the best village around.

So, today I choose to make the best of what wonderful gifts I have been bestowed and be thankful for the many blessings in life.