The Weather Outside

It's not frightful per se, but what happened to Fall? It went from Fall to Winter here in .1 seconds. As in went to bed in the 70's woke up to a wind chill of 29! Yikes!

However, I do enjoy the addition of tights to my wardrobe, Yes I love a dress with tights and boots, Just, tights with a small baby bump is interesting. I tried to just size up, but then the rest of the tights  bunched at my ankles and knee. And the maternity ones are just too big at the top right now. So i'll take bunched over saggy bottoms.

I also love that addition of the scarf into my everyday attire. I love them in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. I would much rather wear a scarf than a necklace, plus it keeps my a tad warmer in the office chill. I am  huge fan of the large infinity scarf and the blanket scarf (as soon as I find a good one).

No bump update this week, as not much has changed around these bump parts. 17 weeks and feeling fine. We will finally reveal the sex of our little onion (yes the size of an onion this week, thank you this weekend. It's been killing me not to tell you all!

Well, that's all around these parts for today. I'll be back tomorrow with a wonderful and hearty fall crock pot meal.