Adios 2014

Today I bid a fond farewell to what might have been one of the best years of my life. I recapped yesterday my Top 10 moments, but there are just so many more.

Just to recap: I....

  • spent NYE with le boyfriend, now le husband sick on the couch with a post Christmas flu
  • fixed up my house (a lot)
  • went on my annaul girls' trip to the Texas wine country
  • traveled to DC for Jenn's wedding and P!inky's birthday
  • Became discontent with where my career was going and decided to make a change
  • visited my sister from another mister in Miami
  • started my new job
  • started this new blog
  • went to Napa with hubs' family
  • found out we were having a baby
  • moved in with hubs
  • planned a wedding in three months
  • turned 32
  • celebrated Neely's weeding
  • got married
  • found out we were having a GIRL
  • was double excited to find out Jessica was also having a GIRL
  • praised the Lord for Allison's big baby news as well
  • traveled a lot: Miami, Napa, DC, San Antonio, Orlando & Cleveland
  • spent the last Christmas with hubs' family in Cleveland
  • laughed more, cried more and was truly myself more than I have been in any other year
I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading, for following me from my old blog to this one, holding one while I acclimated to a new job, new schedule, new last name and new adventures. To say blogging is one of the best things that has happened to me would be an understatement. It was brought me pure joy, friendship and a huge support system. So, thank you. And here is to 2015 for all of us.