Better Late Than Never

Morning all! I know its late in the morning, but this has been a busy couple days and well let's just be glad I got a post up. So here is my 5 on Friday.

1. Wedding cake. yes we are still enjoying wedding cake almost 2 weeks later. Its just so good!

2. 23 weeks preggo! Le bump is now more of a bump and less of a, hey girl did you eat a big meal?

3. Baby bedding. The first of our bedding arrived yesterday! I was just perusing Land of Nod one day after we found out we were having a girl, and found it! So, backstory. When I was about 5/6 years old, I did a show twirl routine to a song called The Last Unicorn, about why we no longer have unicorns on earth (hint they missed the ark). My routine had an entire ark of animals, a costume with a rainbow and a hiding unicorn. I became obsesses and began collecting unicorns. I have a huge collections of all sorts. So, when I saw this bedding I knew it was fate! Plus, its purple and grey!

4. Homeland. Yes, hubs and I have began watching the series and are slightly hooked. I could watch it all night, but I fall asleep. #preggoprobz

5. Christmas is coming! We are so close. We will be heading to Cleveland Christmas Day for what will probably be the last time. Hubs's parents have retired and are moving to Florida! So, maybe one last white Christmas for The Winters!

Happy Friday before Christmas ya'll

LMW5 on Friday.