So I have managed to go pretty much 23 weeks without any major, must have it now cravings. And then it hit. I was driving home from work last night and I just had to have chicken strips with gravy and Texas toast. There was no other option. So, I did what any other pregnant Texas woman would do an high-tailed it to Whataburger (after googling the menus for Sonic and Cane's).

Oh, what a glorious dinner it was too. Breaded strips with a slightly peppery spice to them, dipped in creamy gravy. And the Texas toast! So buttery and good. And then you top it off with fries. Dipped in said creamy gravy goodness.

Oh Whataburger. I also realized as I sat in the drive-thru line that I had not been in said drive-thru since circa 2004, as a 20-something undergrad. And it was just as good as it was then. Every last bite satisfied that need for chicken-eny goodness and gravy.

So, now I can sit back and enjoy another episode of Homeland with the Hubs. One more day tip Christmas Eve... Enjoy folks!
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