Decisions, decisions

Today we are visiting our first daycares for Miss Evelyn. It's nerve wracking. I mean these people will take care of my little sweet baby for hours during the day. There are so many choices, but only a few that work with two working parents and one mama who works an hour away from home.

We have to have a place that opens before 7 or close to and has pick-up later as well. And we need a place that is loving and kind, warm and gentle and close to home. Its so much to think of!

I have researched and gotten recommendations, but you just never know. It just tears at my working-mom heart to know little Evelyn will be in the care of someone else so that her father and I can provide a good life for her. So, kudos to working-mom who make it work and kudos to SAHM's for their work too. Either choice you make is a hard one.
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