Growing Up

As I sat down to eat dinner with the husband last night, I looked around and took in the sights and sounds of our married life, it donned on me. We are grown up. Our conversation revolved around finances, house buying, daycares and investments. We discussed things that a year ago were not even in my train of thought! Yeah, I know I am 32 years old and technically "grown up" but man reality bites ya in the butt sometimes.

So as we sat and ate turkey tacos, one dog on his lap and one incubating a baby on mine, we just sighed a grown up sigh and rejoiced. We rejoiced in the blessings bestowed upon on in the past year.

In the past year, le boyfriend became le roommate and then le roommate became le fiance and then he became The Husband! We merged two independent people with independent thoughts and lives into one loving home.

My wonderful home I bought and loved, became a rent house. We had the foundation fixed, heating fixed, plumbing fixed and rented it within a week of putting it on the market.

I took a leap of faith a took a new job 30 miles away from home and love it! I have been challenged, respected, praised, taught and welcomed openly.

I found out that Evelyn Ray was going to become a part of our lives! I have always wanted to be a mother and after struggling to conceive with my first husband, baby girl was a surprise and blessing all wrapped into one baby bump.

We I planned a wedding in three months!

I have watched as my husband's faith in our Savior has grown and blossomed. It has been a pleasure and joy to watch him become a part of my faith family and be welcomed with open arms into my church and small group. The Lord does amazing things.

We traveled to Napa with his amazing family.

Yes, its official, 2014 is the year we became grown ups, and I would't change it for the world!
LMW2014, grown up