Is It Christmas Yet?

I know, I know some of you are not ready but man I am. And not because I am some super Christmas fanatic, but because it means a few days off to well, recuperate from the last few weeks. I am finishing up things at work, aka lots of deadlines, and just getting ready to be jolly.

But first, let's recap my weekend.

Friday we had our Christmas lunch at work. It was a wonderful lunch, minus the fact that my body was ready to be sick. I made it through lunch then headed home to get some much-needed rest. I think my body was trying to tell me it to slow down.

Saturday I slept some more and then we did it. Yes, we went to Buy Buy Baby and registered. Overwhelming, yes... fun, kinda... husband's head spinning, double yes! Who knew you needed or didn't need all this stuff. After we exhausted ourselves with the baby prep, we did some Christmas shopping for the hubs. This is the practical Christmas for both of us, since we just had wedding and E is on her way.

Sunday was pretty uneventuful other than some church, grocery shopping, and the Christmas baking I managed. Made hubs' favorite thumprints and Jess's family's cherry walnut bars! (They are so good!!).

Oh, and did I mention I chopped about I chopped about 10 inches of hair off? Yup, I did! And it felt so good!!

So, here's to the last full week before Christmas.
LMWweekend update