Monday Musings

Well, its the Monday before Christmas and all through the office, not a creature was stirring... Haha Umm no. I am at work, just today and tomorrow, but there is tons to do! I hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday where you may go. And I would love to give you a picture-filled look at my weekend, but my phone will not hold anymore photos and so the verbage will have to suffice.

I can however, tell you that there was lots of this....

Yup, those pups and mommy napped a lot this weekend. Its tough growing a baby. But for real, Friday night I finally made it to Cheesecake Factor, which reminds me I have about 1/8 of my slice left in the fridge! And, we ordered a stroller. Hello 20% coupon to BuyBuyBaby!

Saturday I got up for a workout and running errands. I had to get last minute stocking stuffers and such. I also made a dash to the store for some soup ingredients. I decided a cold, rainy Saturday called for chicken enchilada soup a la crockpot! Its so good!!

Sunday was full of baby prep. After church, Hubs and I set to moving and rearranging furniture for Evie prep. We are not doing a full on nursery since 1. we  plan to move this summer' and 2. we live in a three-story condo with the only guest room on floor 1 and our room on floor 3. So, we are converting the alcove/office at the end of our bedroom hallway into office/nursery. So, we had to move several bookcases and one filing cabinet to make room for baby. This was the first "big" baby prep thing we have done besides register. I could tell it was a lot for hubs to handle but he did it like a champ.

We have had so much change in our lives as of late, so poor man went from bachelor to husband and father pretty quickly. I know he is excited and loves me and the baby, but for his planning, engineer brain, this has been a lot to process since August.

So, we are ready for crib! Just two more weeks of this 2nd trimester and then we are in the home stretch.

Enjoy Christmas this week everyone!
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