Owning It

Let's face it, we all screw up. We forget something, miss a typo, offend someone, you get the picture. But when did it become ok to make excuses and refuse to own up to our mistakes?

I admit I have messed up at work. I have forgotten to thoroughly proofread in my rush, or just done a half-butt job just to get it done. But when offered constructive critique, i take it. I take with a smile and a thank you. It makes me better. Its instills trust in my bosses that I am wanting to be better.

However, some people just cannot do it. They must go into defense mode. They opt for the "well, I.... [insert random senseless excuse]". Its drives me batty. You are not perfect. You do not know it all, and guess what? People resent you for not taking the professional advice.

Own it people. Own your mistakes. Even if you do not think you did anything wrong, just own it. I promise you no one it out to get you, or make your life at home or work hell.
LMWown it