Baby Blues

I knew the whole no morning sickness thing was a curse. Because, now here I am at 26 1/2 weeks and miserable. I have cramps in my feet and legs, I cannot sleep, I get the worst pains in my stomach when I eat and I think the indigestion is just here to stay.

I know its worth it, but right now I just want to poke the belly with a pin as if to let the excess air out. And my back? Wow, I just want a good popping and for the love of all things, I just want to sleep on my back!

Can we also talk about the need to get up every 5 minutes to either pee or just walk because it allows my belly to stretch and not feel so compact!

I hate to feel like a complainer, but this is the pits. At this point I would do anything to be on a beach, sand between my toes and warmth on my face and not a pregnancy woe in sight.

But, for another 3 months, I will endure the pits just to see my little girl.