Baby Its Cold Outside

Literally, its freezing in Texas. Yes I know this is normal for most people around the country this year, but not in Texas. Its 20 degrees and my booty is freezing. The puppies are adorned in sweaters and well they are none too happy to head outside these days. The only plus side? The 25 1/2 week baby bump I am sporting these days.

Please ignore the vast amount of pillows accumulating in our room that do nothing to help me sleep.

So, at 25 1/2 weeks I am not sleeping, still working out 3 times a week, beginning to have a lovely waddle, and just want to have this baby (I know not for another 15 weeks....).

Its not that I haven't loved carrying little Evelyn, but man what's a woman gotta do to get some sleep that is comfortable and not interrupted by  a "break" in the middle of the night?

I can feel her move now more than ever, but hubs has yet to be around when he is squirming. We have a crib and bedding, but waiting on the glider and dresser/changing table. Our first shower is planned and we have a stroller just waiting for walks!

I'm still trying to eat healthy, but sometimes if all there is to eat is pizza, I am eating the pizza!

At this point I have gotten more advice then I know what to do with and I am going into full on planning mode.

Next week I will give you a sneak peak of her nursery/office... yeah we live in  small townhome people!

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