Confessional Friday

I am linking up with the ever lovely Leslie for a little confesh sesh!

I confess.....

I am having BOFF withdrawals! After a whole weekend with my BOFF, and life seeming perfect, she is gone and I miss her like whoa!

I finally went to the doctor for my tummy pain/issues. While she thinks its just acid/indigestion, since the pain is on my right side, she is having my liver tested to make sure its not HELLP Syndrome. So I spent the better part of the afternoon getting blood drawn, having my vitals checked and oh she threw in my glucose test while I was there. I admit the Zantac helps, but reading about HELLP is scary.

Le husband was put on mandatory overtime for the foreseeable future at work. Ick. I mean as if we do not see each other much now. But, we will take the extra $ and power through.

I am in major planning mode. We have picked out everything except a dresser and a carseat and its driving me nuts that we have not done these two things. I mean, we cannot take her home without a carseat!

The return of the sun in Dallas and a tad warm-up is making my day.

One of my best friends from law school is getting married tomorrow and I am elated! Congrats Taylor!!!

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