Freezing Friday

Courtesy of the lovely Jenn
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It's Friday, I am ready for the weekend and the return of 60 degree temps, since its Fa-reezing in Texas at the moment. So let's link up, hook up and let it all out this Friday.

1. I confess I made a huge change in my life Monday... I gave up my iPhone for an android phone! Yup, so long farewell iPhone and Hello Galaxy S5. Even worse, I love it more than my beloved iPhone. I know, I know.... But its just better.

2. Work has been super busy lately and I am loving it! It makes my days fly by and at this 28 weeks into my pregnancy makes me feel needed and useful when sometimes all I feel like is a host to the ever growing parasite known as Evelyn makes her home in my belly.

3. Mini-rant... there are these commercials played on the radio here in DFW that drive me nuts-o. Its for Ideal Image hair removal center. The premises of said commercial: getting laser hair removal will save you so much time on shaving that you can do so much more with your life. Yeah because when I think of all the things that waste my time I think shaving... Seriously?

4. My lovely friends including the BOFF, are hosting a baby shower for me in February and they had the curtest invitations made. Seriously the cutest, I would show you, but I forgot to take a picture, but think lavender, grey and a unicorn rocking horse! Beyond blessed.

5. The husband and I are reliving our rehearsal dinner tonight with a date night at Eddie V's. We are trying to soak up all the moments we have left to ourselves before baby comes, plus we have gift cards and since we both work long hours we deserve it!

What's up for your weekend? I can be found puppy snuggling and working. Love ya'll.
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