How I Survive

It is hard to believe that the third trimester is upon me. Yup, home stretch. That being said, I have had some people ask me how I have survived being pregnant along with a full-time lawyer.

Well, to be honest, it has not been easy. There are days I just want to quit because I am so tired. But here a few ways I have survived.

1. Working Out - I have continued to workout at least 3x a week. My workouts have vastly changed, but I think they have helped me with the aches and pains and managed the weight gain. I have slowed down a lot, but 30 minutes of cardio and some light weights do wonders for a preggo body.

2. Smoothies - I have suffered from some pretty bad legs and foot cramps as of late. Thus, I need some potassium. I have been drinking lots of banana  infused smoothies. They not only help with the cramping, but  go down nicely without exacerbating my heartburn.

3. Hot Baths

4. Prayer

5. Great Friends