If Only

Hello friends. Its another week, another day, another day closer to baby. Another  weekend come and gone and a lists of "if only."

Friday hubs and I went out for a fancy dinner to the place we had our rehearsal dinner. We had a gift card and so we indulged. Ok, so he indulged. I ate a few bites here and there and attempted to avoid heartburn. He, on the other hand, ate his steak, and more than half of mine, accompanied by shrimp, scallops, potatoes and brocollini. I'm pretty sure he did not eat again until dinner the next night.

Saturday we both worked. He did an 8 hour stint and I did about 5. At least I could work from the comfort of my living room in my pjs. I did however, manage to make it out of the house and over to DSW to grab some new black heels and navy heels. I am pretty hard on my heels with work and I am always in a constant state of trying to find the perfect navy heels, so these were much-needed purchases. I also got in some much needed puppy cuddle time with this one. She was so content with her head on my belly feeling Evie do the rumba on my bladder. When the baby would do a big one, she would look up wide-eyed at me. So cute.

Saturday we did an early dinner at Max's Wine Dive (no wine for me), but had this delish cheese board.

Ya'll it was so good. And since we were already out and about, we met some friends at the bar next door for some good old fashioned catch-up.  The boys chatted, while Catherine and I planned a shower for our other friends who are due in March with a little boy. It was just nice to be out and feel normal for once, despite my lack of a cocktail.

Sunday morning we were up for early church at 8:15. But man I am glad we were. Our church is currently journeying through Genesis and yesterday's topic was abortion. Yeah, heavy I know and the potential for fire and brimstone. But it was so uplifting and just reinforces for me why I love my church family so much.

As most of you know, hubs and I were married when we found out about Evie. I remember feeling scared to tell my church family, which we love and are so close too, but they again amazed me at their love and support. Instead of feeling ostracized, we were loved and open arms embraced us as we began to deal with this new chapter. It reminded me of what the Christian way of life is truly about.

So, despite all the wonderful if only moments of this weekend, like if only I could have that glass of wine or if only I could party all night or be on the beach, I realized, if only I had never met this wonderful man I am now married to, and if only I had never been blessed with this growing life inside me, then my life would never be complete.

Here's to a wonderful week of never saying "if only."

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