Sticks and Stones

I need to rant/vent for a moment. This is about the blogging community and social media in general. I get that as bloggers we kind of put ourselves out there. We share items about our lives and are often seen as attention seeking. The truth is, we are still people. We still have lives that are sometimes kept private. We have feelings and we have rights just as though who do not blog or choose to share things in the public eye.

It has become far to easy for people to harass, bully, and downright threaten others while hiding behind social media. I am sure you have all heard news stories about teens who committed suicide over fake social media pages and harassing people who pose as other teens. But its happens to adults too. There are sites like GOMI that allow people to rant about bloggers and often harshly criticize without true facts. Its a forum for online bullying and threats. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow comments to be placed that are nothing more than bullying as well.

I agree that everyone is allowed to speak their mind, have their own opinion and disagree with one another, that is a right as Americans. However, no one has the right to tear down anyone else, to harass anyone else, or publish nothing more than petty childish taunts towards another person. So, I ask you as bloggers to help end this cycle.

Do not engage in online harassment. Do not indulge in online forums that tear each other down and make the blogging community look like nothing more than high school mean girls. While you may not agree with what one another say or do, please don't call names, write hate posts, or use photos as subtle innuendo to break others down.

We should be each other's biggest supporters not break each other down.