When Things Go Weird in the Night

If you have not heard, with pregnancy comes some strange dreams. I mean, stranger than strange, wake up thinking I have gone mad dreams. Am, I right moms?

So, as of late here are a few of the topics/scenes from my dreams...

  • taking a walk with my dogs, while they both walk like humans
  • the one where I married my husband's brother
  • where I put my baby in the trash can by accident
  • the one where I turned into a mermaid, a la Ariel and then gave birth to a fish
  • giving birth at work, in the work bathroom no less
  • dreams where my baby comes out as anything but a human baby, i.e. I gave birth to a puppy two nights ago
  • I have dreamed my husband has done even stranger things like driving me to the gym to deliver, taking me to the car repair man to deliver and so on and so forth
Some of the them wake me up, some of them keep me up, but all of them to some point freak the crap out of me. Hormones are some powerfully strange things ladies. What are some of your most visit pregnancy dreams?