Fast & Hard

So this weekend flew by and was done in an instant and I need more. This third trimester is kinda killing me. I am so tired, I have legs cramps and an awful case of restless leg syndrome. Just makes getting comfortable or doing pretty much anything difficult these days.

I have no pics of anything exciting since I just don't remember or do much of anything these days. We did attend a couples' baby shower for a friend of mine and it was good to see everyone and got me excited for my shower this weekend.

We saw American Sniper, albeit I was fidgety and uncomfortable the whole time. Sunday we just went non stop all day. From church, to errands to baby cpr class (the key, fast and hard thrusts) and moving furniture. Needless to see we are both exhausted. Both J and I have been putting in over 60 hours at work and its getting to both of us. He is tired, I am tired. We need a break and there is none in sight.

I have my 30 week sono today to ensure my lovely low-lying placenta has moved, so it will be nice to see Evie since the last time we "saw" her was at 16 weeks. Other than that, its the grind for 10 more weeks.