Here We Go Again

Another week is underway. Its sunny and pretty outside, but don't let it fool you, its 29 degrees! Brrrr... guess Phil saw his shadow this morning as well, so buckle up everyone for 6 more weeks of winter.

I wish I could report an awesome weekend, but again I failed at blogger 101 of taking pictures and my weekends have been less than stellar and exciting.

J and I headed to dinner Friday night at a local spot downtown that caters to the craft beer fan that is my husband. He wolfed down a reuben the size of my head while I partook in the most divine chopped salad this little preggo has every devoured. We topped it off with a sundae and headed home for an episode of Homeland.

Saturday I was excited for my pre-natal massage. Massage fail. I would call it more of a glorified rubbing of lotion on my body for maybe 42 minutes. Needless to say I had a meltdown in the lobby of the place and now have a free 1 1/2 massage scheduled for next Saturday. My body was so looking for to this and I left even more tense and stressed out than I did when I came in. I took it out on the gym and called it a day.

Saturday night we had some pizza and hung out with J's guy friends for a little while. I left at about 9:20 pm and headed home to sleep with my pups. Yet sleep evaded me. My allergies have been in full swing and I just could not sleep.

Sunday morning I awoke to benadryl and probably about 16 hours of sleep. I just felt like a train hit my head on and parked itself inside my nasal cavity.

We did get some baby room stuff done. J put together Evie's dresser/changing table, while big sister Chloe watched and mama passed in and out of consciousnesses.

We celebrated the Super Bowl with dinner with my godparents and aunt. My godfather's take away from the Super Bowl: he does not like dreadlocks.

And that my friends was my weekend. I got to work early this morning to a mess on my desk after a new bookshelf was delivered and I had to wade through the piles. Its all organized, and although the walls look like they may cave in on me, I have more room to keep things in order!

Happy first weekend of February!