Hump Day

Good Wednesday morning ya'll! It's still below freezing here in Texas, but the snow from what I can see, held off. In case you missed it, DFW experienced its annual ice/snow storm this week. Schools were closed Monday and Tuesday. I made it to work yesterday only due to the hearing I had, but it was good to get out of the house. J was off Monday due to the weather as well, and let me tell you.... he was stir crazy.

I was lucky, I can set up shop from home and work. He, on the other hand, was bored by 10am. So, while I worked, I saw a lot of this:

Lazy butts. But he really needed the day off. And he did manage to get some honey-do baby stuff done, like putting the pack 'n play together, baby laundry, moving the glider into its place and hanging decor in the office/nursery.

We are somewhat ready for Evie to arrive.

And, with that I am 32 1/2 weeks. She is moving a lot more and keeping mommy up at night with her dance parties. I am tired again, but  feeling ok for the most part. I still have foot/leg cramps and restless leg syndrome and the heartburn has not let up. But, hot baths and zantac seems to help most days. I feel like she grew so much over the weekend and my belly is even more prominent.

Don't mind my mini photobomber
So, just a couple more weeks and tons more to do!

LMWBump Day