Is This Real?

Do you watch Homeland? Well we do in our house, or shall I say we are getting caught up on the first 4 seasons. So, last night my husband and I are laying in bed watching episode 11 of season 4. Good episode.

Fast forward, and spoiler alert.... I find myself waking up at 4am to pee, hello pregnant bladder. As I am sitting there half asleep I realize why my brain is going ninety miles an hour. I have been dreaming/analyzing whether or not our client, an insurance company, has a duty to defend an action for the invasion that takes place of the US Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. Yup, people this is real life in my mind.

And the worst part, I went back to bed fully aware that this was a dream and it kept me up because I just had to figure this one out.

I clearly need two things: sleep and a break from work lol.

In other baby news.... I am 29 weeks, tired as all get out, but hanging in there.