Oh Baby

30 1/2 weeks. Yup, I am 30 1/2 weeks preggo with what feels like a huge boulder.

This dress does nothing for my figure, but its warm, stretchy and something other than my normal pants and shirt combo. Its also not maternity, so I'll go ahead and say its a win.

The rest of life is just not a win as of late. Like no matter what time I leave work on a Wednesday, traffic is bad. Or, that no matter what my health insurance always has a problem and I end up on the phone for hours with the doctor and insurance company. Or my legs hurt so bad I just want to cut them off. And now.... my feet and ankles are swollen. Yes ladies, its the Third Trimester Blues.

But, not all is bad. I have booked maternity and newborn pics for my sweet baby. Pottery Barn had a one day sale and I snagged this cute rocker for 50% off.

J and I are doing Valentine's Day dinner tonight at one of my favorite places in Fort Worth, since the BOFF will be in town this weekend for my shower. Now, if I can only get home in time for said dinner.

I will also give a big shout out to God today for giving me a beautiful sunrise outside my office window to greet me despite the cold temperatures.