One Day At a Time

Yup, its my constant mantra these days. One little day at a time. I have been so stressed and overwhelmed with all the things that need to get done as of  late that I have forgotten to take time to well, breathe.

Yesterday we had a slight work emergency to deal with and I had a 2:30 doctor appointment. Well, I arrived around 2:45, but things went swimmingly. My placenta has moved into place so that I can avoid a c-section and well baby girl is looking good. We saw 2 feet, 2 arms, little toes, kidneys and her sweet profile.

It's such a blessing and relief to see her little heart beat and her movements.

After my appointment, J and I headed home at a decent hour for once. We grabbed an early dinner/late lunch at Jason's Deli and just enjoyed ourselves. The sun was shining and we were both home before it set.

We did have a small carseat incident when we got home. See, we went to a cpr car seat safety class Sunday and J was so proud of reading his car manual so we decided we would tackle that last night. You would think and engineer and a lawyer could install a carseat... yeah right. It took us 20 minutes, one argument and two youtube videos just to figure out how to release the Latch from the base. Let's just say the carseat is still in our downstairs bedroom.

Since we have both been working a lot and under a lot of stress, we hit up the bed early. And so did Chloe.... She has decided the glider was put in our bedroom just for her.

She rocked herself to sleep quite nicely last night.

Well, I know its not much, but I feel so much more refreshed today after a nice evening with my husband no awful traffic to get home in. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday.