OMG I have never been more excited for a Friday then today. My body is in desperate need of some R&R.

I had my 32 week appointment yesterday. All is good, but homegirl is killing body. Its hard to walk, hard to sit, hard to sleep. The only place comfortable is her glider or my chair at work with the pillow across my back. So, I finally had to order a lovely support belt.

Not glamours, but hoping it gets me through the next 7 1/2 weeks. J did offer to let me use his weight belt. Thank honey.

And shout-out to my awesome amazing husband. He has been so sweet and loving through all the pain. He runs me hot baths and then sits there with me while I cry and soak in the tub. Truly a gift he is.

We are supposed to get more snow here today. Forecast is for 1-2 inches. Yeah, yeah we shall see. Oh did I mention it will be 70 on Tuesday? Talk about bi-polar.

Baby obsessed. I just can't stop myself from buying cute little pjs. I just want to be sure she has something to wear. I mean we starting a wardrobe from scratch here people. But I am trying to keep it to consignment sales, sales, and hand-me-downs from precious friends.

Needy pups. Any other preggos out there has especially needy pups right now? Lord, Chloe and Sophie are not more than a foot from me at any given moment these days. Chloe especially. She must be on me, next to me, my hand touching her, at all times. Sophie has always been that way, but  its worse than usual. I suspect they know their time is up soon.

Here's to a hopefully fast Friday everyone. Keep warm, and enjoy the last days of February.