Thursday Musings

Did anyone else notice that the top of the blogger thing today said as of some date blogger will no longer allow some sexually explicit content? Random, but I wonder what the word "some" means to them.

I am tired. Yup. That is all. Sleep continues to evade me as I struggle to get comfortable with the ever growing state of my belly. And wouldn't you know that the legs cramps begin at about the time I get in bed. And cramp is not quite the right word. Its a pain like none other. It just makes me want to move my legs and contract my muscles to make it stop. I wonder if its from not working out anymore, or just the position this lovely little girl is in.

And on that note, I have not worked out in two weeks. Its just got to be too much. I was too tired in the mornings to get up and go. I also found myself frustrated as I could only do the elliptical. Maybe I need to add back in some light exercise on the weekends. I would try walking, but that just hurts. I do, however, make several trips up and down our copious stairs everyday.

Nails. I Know random, right. My nails looks so good the last two weeks and then snow day and bam! Back to picking peeling and chipping. And you know when one starts to bother you, they suddenly all do. That leads to me destroying them all, so they "match." I will blame the ice/snow.

Speaking of which, we are slated to get around round or two of a light flurry this afternoon and tomorrow.

But true like, we get ice here, not snow, as in roads become skating rinks of black ice ice.

And that is all of my musings for the day. Happy almost the weekend ya'll.