True Life Thursday

I know I am little late posting, but I just read a post by my friend Laura Beth over at Georgia Glam  and it so made me think, I wonder if people care what my "real life" is like. So, here you go....

I wake up between 5:30 and 6 am. I am out of the house by 6:45 or sooner if I am up earlier. Hubs is out of the house before me. I make the 30-60 min trek to Dallas (depending on traffic). I am first to arrive and get to work. My desk normally looks like this by 9am.

I receive between 50 and 100 emails a day sometimes more. I spend most of my day reading and writing and hoping I have an "ah ha" moment.

I eat breakfast at work and usually grab a subway sandwich for lunch from the food court beneath my building. I leave work anywhere from 6pm to 7pm on a daily basis and then make the 30-60 minute commute back home.

By now, hubs has made it home and normally to the gym and back. I am greeted by excited puppies and a tired hubs. We scrounge for food and normally enjoy 1-2 hours of TV time.

I am in bed by 9:30/9:45. I toss and turn for an hour or more because well I am due with a baby in 2 months and I just cannot sleep.

Oh, did I mention during the day I get up to pee about 10 times. I enjoy heartburn and swollen feet. I usually cry at least once and I often begin the complaining the moment I step in the door before even giving J a kiss (sorry honey I love you).

Yup, real life is not so glamorous.  But... I would not trade it for the world!