Friday Loves

Oh, its Friday and although its dark and rainy outside, I am feeling excited for the weekend.

Tomorrow J's sweet friends are throwing us a Baby-Q couples shower at our house. It will be fun to get all his friends together for some BBQ and baby stuff. J and I are so blessed to have so many people who are excited for us, and his co workers have given him all kinds of advice already and I think its pretty cute that he finally part of the daddy-brigade.

And, J finally installed the carseat, in his car! I admit it seems strange to look back there and see that tiny thing ready to hold our sweet baby Evie. Now we just need to tackle the one in my car and we are set.

Spring. Oh how I am longing for her. So close, and according to Mr. Weatherman, 80 is in the forecast for next week! Hip hip hooray! And, J made a deal with me last night.... if I go through the two tubs of spring/summer clothes and purge I can splurge on some new things after Evie arrives! Yay!!! (Have I mentioned how sweet this man is).

Other than that, we are in the home stretch! Next week we will be one month away from the due date of our precious baby girl. And not soon enough since mama has run out of room for her and is feeling every ache, pain and movement with a vengeance.

So, I leave you this week with a little inspiration: