Its All Mixed Up

I will apologize now if this post is random, does not make sense, contains spelling errors, or well just seems rather uninteresting. I am working on less than 2 hours of sleep for the past 4 nights. Between restless legs, the burning/pain under my right breast, frequent pee trips, and the non-stop running of my mind, sleep has been a lost concept.

I get up every morning in tears because I know I have to muster enough energy to get to work and be there for 9 plus hours. I have to be productive and produce quality work product. Its become a struggle at this point.

My body is just done. Kaput.

And I'm going to rant a tad here. People, watch what you say to pregnant women. Yes, I get that I am "all baby" and "look so tiny for 9 months" but that does not mean I am not miserable, uncomfortable, and tired. I know you think its a complement, but it makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward. I am sorry that you think I needed to gain 50 pounds in order to look pregnant, but I promise the 20-something pounds I have put on my body is killing me. My hips hurt, my back aches, the pain under my boob, the sciatica.... yes people I may not "look" pregnant from the back, but I feel every ounce of this baby girl and let me tell you, it hurts! So, please just stop. Ask me how I feel or just don't say anything at all at this point because I am liable to explode. I know, I know, its a complement again, but my hormones can't handle it.

End rant.T- 3 weeks and counting.