Raining on Monday

That song is just stuck in my head. I know its Tuesday,  and technically the rain has subsided here in DFW, but its dreary nonetheless.

Its amazing how hard it is to start your day when its dreary outside, you pass three accidents on the way to work and realize you left tea in a mug on your desk  and you have not been at said desk in over a week and said tea has now grown mold and smells. Yeah, eww.

But today will be good. I am back in the office after working remotely for a few days and I am ready to get some stuff done and begin to prepare for maternity leave. We have another baby shower this weekend for J's friends, we chose a pediatrician and I have done way too much baby laundry to count.  We are excited and scared all in one. Just a little over a month and we will get to meet our baby girl.

Happy March ya'll!