Slowly But Surely

So,  slowly but surely a baby is coming. My body is telling me she is on the way, and my stress level may have her make an early appearance. Let's rewind to Thursday.

I woke up not feeling too well. I was having Braxton Hicks like crazy, but got my butt to work so I could get some things off my plate. I worked and worked, but just could not handle it. The contractions were crappy and I just felt like crap. I finally went home. This continued all night and into Friday. I worked from home Friday and did what my doctor ordered, which was rest. My body was trying to tell me to chill out.

Saturday J and I decided to knock some things off our "before baby comes" list. We got our whooping cough shots (FYI my arm is still sore), I took J to World of Beer that just opened near our house. J is a huge beer buy so man was in heaven! They give you an ipad to explore all your options. It was a rainy day, so it was nice to just spend some time with him.

After WOB, we headed to check off another list item: Cinderella. I was told to see movies at my own will before baby comes, so we did. It was cute and I would recommend it. It stayed true to the classic story, right down to Gus-gus the mouse.

And then Sunday arrived. I woke up early with every intention of church, but had a low-grade fever and let's just say, I only made it off the couch to get groceries and trips to potty. Apparently when my body says rest, it means rest.

Now, if I could just get comfortable. I am still dealing with the pain just beneath my right breast which comes and goes and often is a sharp shooting pain that cripples me. Is it sad I am looking forward to maternity leave just to relieve this pain?

3 weeks left! Check back tomorrow for my whole "Before Baby Comes" list.