I walked into Loft on Monday with a mission of finding some cute accessories to wear during my maternity photoshoot that was supposed to take place yesterday. Key work, supposed to. Due to the rain and overcast skies it is being rescheduled.

But I digress, so here I am 8+ months preggo in one of my favorite stores. I admit the saleslady stared at my belly, but then saw me beeline towards the accessories. I may have sauntered over to the racks and tables full of glorious spring clothes and touched them longingly. Oh how I wish for light cottons and linen shirts, and soft hues to wrap around my.... oh yeah.... my very pregnant bod. It hit me. Here I am standing in a store that I love and I cannot buy a thing. Well, I mean I can, but not what I want to buy. So, I made a mental note of all the wonderful Spring things I will be purchasing come April 18th.

There is just something about corals and mints and turquoises that make me giddy.
LMWspring style