What a Pain

I have perhaps slept 9 hours in the past three days and needless to say, I am exhausted. This last few months of pregnancy has been less than kind to my little body.

Yes, ladies, I have the I want this baby out of me pregnancy blues.

I cannot sit for more than 30 minutes without needing to get up and either walk around, or pee or both. My legs ache every night. And now I have developed a burning pain just below my right breast that has not let up since Saturday evening.I love this precious life growing inside me, but I am kind ready to evict her. I need this pain gone and just one night of sleep.

Yes, this little one has become a pain and she is not even born yet!

But, then I look around our home and see all the tiny things we have for her and J reads  books to her and I smile and think, this must all be worth it.