Another Monday

Hello first Monday of April. Its a tad foggy and drizzly here, and I wish I had some wonderful pics to show from my fabulous Easter, but the truth.... I spent most of Easter and the weekend on the couch trying to sleep.

After a fabulous Easter service with tons of singing and rejoicing in our Savior rise, we came home, I made J and I some eggs and then I crashed. I slept off and on from about 10 am til 5:30pm. I tossed, turned, had that burning in my chest, and am just worn out.

At 6pm we headed to my Aunt K's for a wonderful Easter dinner with the family, too much wine by the non-preggos and some more gifts for Miss Evie.

I watched the first of the last episodes of Mad Men and then tried to sleep. I made it til about 12am until I headed down to the couch so as not to wake up the hubs and try to sleep some more.

This is perhaps my last week in the office at 38 + weeks preggo, so let's make it count!