Food for Thought

I was thinking last night about my blogging career. Yes career. I started blogging just before I began my first law job while I was on vacation with my now ex-husband. That seems like so long ago and another lifetime, and for all practical purposes it was.

I was 28, married about 6 months, about to embark upon my legal career and had no idea what the next couple of years would hold for me. I was carefree for the most part. We had just moved into our first home, were hanging out in St. John for 7 days, and I was about to start what I thought was my dream job.

Now, as I sit here and type, I am 32, married for almost 4 months to an amazing man and our baby girl is due any day now (come one Evie). I have since moved from that first home into an apartment, then bought my own home, then moved into J's townhome and now we are looking to buy our first home together as a family of 5 (three people, two pups). I changed jobs in August and who would have thought I would ever drive an hour to work everyday. Heck, who would have imagined I would be 9+ months pregnant with our precious baby girl and the man I call my husband is not M. So much has happened since I began this blogging career of mine.

They always say you change the most in your early 20's, well for me it came in my late 20's. I realized happiness is more than a paycheck, a house, and a husband. I can now see the beauty in each day because it was brought by Christ for me to live out imperfectly. I am no longer afraid of failure and as smart as I thought I was, has been turned upside-down time and time again due to being challenged to be better in all aspects of my life.

I have seen the glory in friendships that are rooted in more than commonality, but held steadfast by the glory of God. I have true love tightly bonded in His image, and I know that no matter what lies ahead, He will be with me and will never leave me alone in the wilderness without a way out.

I used to struggle with what normal was, but now I just live. Life is my new normal, the everyone happenings and comings and goings. See this little blog of mine has been more than an outlet for feelings, it has become a platform for my voice, has brought me true friendship and continues to be a blessing.